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Richie Malone

Richie Malone is an Irish musician who plays rhythm guitar for the legendary English band Status Quo. Malone first played with the band in July 2016 and is now a permanent member of the band. Read more »

Luke V. Martin

This creative man will not be limited by different kinds of music genres and in the last few years he has developed himself into a singer songwriter with a striking fingerpicking-style.   Luke V Martin is writing accessible soulful blues, inspired by i.a. Read more »

Rob de Groot

Rob was born in Bergen op Zoom (The Netherlands) in 1984. Inspired by his family he started playing the guitar and singing at the age of 13 and he has always been convinced that his mission was to be on stage. Read more »

Paolo Giordano

Paolo Giordano is considered one of the most innovative modern acoustic guitarists, master of fingerstyle, the first in Italy to experiment with tapping and advanced percussive techniques of this instrument. A synthesis of virtuosity and magical atmosphere characterized by great feeling. Read more »

Massimiliano Rosati

It carries twenty-five years as a guitarist, alternating the work of the recording studio and live performance, the author and music producer. Here are some of his artistic achievements. Read more »

Fabrizio Frigeni

Fabrizio Frigeni was born in Bergamo, 9 June 1976. Despite he not has not experienced first hand the 60s and 70s atmospher, he belongs to a generation of guitarists who has taken the first steps in music in the footsteps of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Ritchie Blackmore. Read more »

Ryan Sheridan

Ryan Sheridan is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Ireland. He was discovered by future manager, Brian Whitehead on 23 March 2010 while busking in Dublins Grafton Street. Read more »


The all new band JULIUS make pop/rock music that they describe as ’optimistic’. And we totally agree. Read more »

Nils Käller

We are proud to announce that Nils Käller, guitar player of the successful Dutch boy band MainStreet, joined the Mayson family. Nils plays an MS3/CE, which he thinks is ’the most beautiful looking and sounding guitar ever. Read more »

Felix Pallas

Simon Nuytten, frontman of Belgian band Felix Pallas, recently visited Mayson Service Center in Holland. With SC luthier Ruurd Boerma he selected a Mayson M7 for his upcoming club tour in the U.K. Read more »

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