Welcome to Mayson Guitars!

What if one could change guitar making concepts, concepts recognised for over 150 years by thousands of luthiers and players? For what seems perfect today can be better tomorrow. However, to improve tomorrow we need to recognize our past and adapt today.
Welcome to Mayson Guitars!

Guitar making concepts to this day largely remain determined by the evolution of the flattop acoustic which began in the late 1800’s. Whilst remaining loyal to this legacy, we have re-considered every aspect of the process, mindful of the possibilities of todays technology. We brought this ’NASA meets Stradivarius’ approach all the way back to the designing table, re-inventing each part of the acoustic guitar.

The first prototypes were handmade in 2008. It took another 3 years to design and build the machinery capable of consistently realising the fundamental ideas behind our guitars. With great pride we now present

Huadu, november 2012

Alex Wang